CarSolutions was inspired by love for cars and passion for automotive industry.

Our mission is to "Striving for excellence in serving our customers by constantly improving the quality of our services and thus striving for the status of a leader".

Strivingfor excellence

Passionfor automotive industry

Statusof leader

We sell new and second-hand cars in bulk quantities to unauthorised dealers and brokers throughout Europe. We understand challenges of this sector, what the target customer expects and how to meet these requirements. From the very beginning, we have focused on transparency and clarity of communication, so that we become a member of E.A.I.V.T. (The European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders) and BVFK (German Association of Car Dealers who meet the highest standards) and now we have been working according to their standards.

As a result, our customers can always be sure that their orders will be processed in accordance with the contract and that they know the current status of the order.

Team leaders


Mariusz Zawadzki

President of CarSolutions

mail biuro@carsolutions.pl

"In business, just as in life - the most important thing is to deliver and meet deadlines".

His professional career related to the automotive industry started early on when he took his first steps in a car showroom in Düsseldorf, which is why he knows the German car sales market so well. From his very first day at work for an authorised Lexus dealer, he was distinguished by his commitment and exceptional customer orientation. His approach to duties, charisma and professionalism made him a pillar of the sales team in a very short time. He has always liked working with people, that is why he has built relationships that keep helping him develop new business contacts across Europe. He has a weakness for powerful cars. He likes listening to the roar of their engines searching for notes of mastery. He spends his free time with his family in the garden taking care of it for long hours to make it perfect. Not only does gardening mean free time outdoors but also a hobby, which he likes to share with friends.


Adam Jeż

Vice-President of CarSolutions

mail biuro@carsolutions.pl

There is only one way to do a great job - to love her” – Steve Jobs

Cars are said to be his greatest passion. Since childhood he has been a champion in recognizing brands and models of cars driving by. This passion resulted in taking up a job in a Ford car showroom. The time he spent there strengthened his conviction that the automotive industry is what he wants to be involved in for a longer time. He remembers it as a lifetime experience and the contacts in the automotive world he gained at that time are still fruitful. As he kept developing his interests in new brands, he started to import cars from Italy, which resulted in his knowledge of the Mediterranean automotive market. He proved to be a team leader and took care of the growth in sales of Volvo and Kia brands. He is a typical team player, he cares about building long-term relationships with business partners. He builds each transaction with an utmost focus on customer satisfaction. He never gives up and always fights till the end in pursuit of his goal. In his free time he plays football. His love for football has a special place in his heart - right after his family and work, the two of which he is devoted to endlessly.

Thomas Schroder

Thomas Schröder

Commercial Director

phone 0048 698 686 660
mail t.schroeder@carsolutions.pl

Agnieszka Marcelewicz

Agnieszka Marcelewicz


phone 0048 32 307 39 88
mail a.marcelewicz@carsolutions.pl


Clemens Meyer


phone 0049 160 90100332

mail c.meyer@carsolutions.pl


Michał Michaliszyn

Sales & Purchase Specialist

phone 0048 664 656 655

mail m.michaliszyn@carsolutions.pl

Barbara Lasek-Mysiura

Barbara Lasek-Mysiura

Accounting Departament

mail ksiegowosc@carsolutions.pl


Paulina Sobek

Accounting Departament/Insurace

phone 0048 533 852 200


Patryk Piszczek

Patryk Piszczek

Head of Transportation and Logistics

phone 0048 575 781 200
mail p.piszczek@carsolutions.pl


Kamila Kutyła


phone 0048 32 307 39 88
mail k.kutyla@carsolutions.pl


Patrycja Jeż


phone 0048 504 975 574
mail p.jez@carsolutions.pl


Katarzyna Zelenka


phone 0048 32 307 39 88

mail administracja@carsolutions.pl
mail k.zelenka@carsolutions.pl

Jozef Kalemba

Józef Kalęba


phone 0048 503 013 846
mail j.kaleba@carsolutions.pl